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Uganda international Cultural Expo

The Annual Uganda International Cultural Expo - therein abbreviated as “UICE” is an Association 
formed in Maryland, USA with a sole mission of bringing Uganda’s rich Heterogeneous Cultural 
Aesthetics to the world in form of Cultural exhibitions such as; 

"Taking Uganda to the world and bringing  the world to Uganda".

Traditional and Cultural appreciation are very vital to a person’s development. take an example of;

  • Cultural exhibitions
  • traditional folk songs
  • traditional folk dances
  • poetry
  • percussion
  • storytelling dramatic skits

These are some of the areas of both traditional and cultural appreciation rich in personal identity, friendship formation, communication, unity, appreciation for humanity etc. This therefore makes traditional and cultural performances and exhibitions vital for the entire community.

The programme will engage people in both theoretical and practical application of Uganda’s various traditional norms and cultural music aesthetics aimed at entertaining as well as developing their skills as individuals hence talents as well as developing confidence in keeping the flame of Uganda’s cultural pride and dignity of traditions norms burning.


What we do
  • Partner with the Government of Uganda through the Embassy in Washington DC.
  • Liaise with the Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Foreign Affairs in Uganda.
  • Work with all existing cultural leadership in Uganda.
  • Have all the languages spoken in Uganda represented.
  • Have exhibition spaces for business both locally and internationally.
  • Attending preparatory workshops and rotating exhibition cities around the world annually and exhibiting Uganda’s diverse and rich traditions these include among others:
  1. Traditional folk dances
  2. Songs
  3. Poetry
  4. Uganda’s delicious vast range of cultural cuisine and cocktail

The Team

they Make us tick

Bio graphy of the Leaders.
Tonny SSALI is a Ugandan born Ethnomusicology enthusiast with an experience of 20 years in 
the performing arts industry. 
He has worked with different schools and organizations in Uganda; teaching, nurturing talent and 
adjudicating Uganda's Ethno Music, Dance and Drama at all levels of education in Uganda 
ranging from Kindergarten kids to university students, Government and Non Government 
Organizations, Cultural performing Troupes etc.
He is a dance choreographer, story teller in form of folklores, song composer, poet and has also 
written and directed several theatrical drama productions at both local and national level in 
Uganda and he's currently venturing into movie script writing and directing on international 
Tonny likes making friends in the performing arts industry and he is currently serving as a 
member of the founding board of Uganda International Cultural Expo [UICE] which comprises 
of 5 members. The sole aim of UICE is "bringing Uganda to the World"

Our Team leaders,

  • Rose Tumushabe
  • Kennedy Burashe 
  • Tonny Ssali 
  • James Bafaki
  • Sisto  Andama 
« - Project Coordinator »
Rose Tumushabe
« ​​​​​​ - Member of the team »
Kennedy Burashe
« Member of the team »
Tonny Ssali


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